What is ActiveMail

ActiveMail brings life to your email, so you can finally enter the world of rich and interactive
content without leaving your inbox. Here are some of the fun things you can expect:

Grab the Popcorn

When you get an email with a link to an online video, ActiveMail automatically converts that link to the actual video to watch on the spot. View it mini-size or expanded, and immediately Like, Tweet or comment on your experience. We currently support more than a dozen of the Web’s top video sites, plus online albums and slides, so you won’t need to hop out to a browser again.

Bring Friends Even Closer

When you receive Facebook updates by email, responding to each one not only takes time, but also requires that you leave your email. With ActiveMail, interacting with those updates from within your email has never been easier: When you’re added as a Friend, have your Friend Request confirmed, when someone posts or comments on your wall or tags you in a photo, you can simply continue the interaction right from the message. You can even Like a post right from the email!
Tweet Without Leaving the Nest
Everyone loves to find out they are being followed or mentioned in a Tweet. Not only can you Tweet back right from these email alerts, but we further enhance them with additional relevant content, like the person’s profile image, description, info about who’s following them and who they’re following.
Familiar Faces
See the website logos of dozens of popular sites you recognize, right next to their messages in your inbox.  These logos help you spot the updates and offers that probably matter most to you, and help you tackle inbox clutter and spam.

Just the Beginning

We’re working with a list of your favorite companies to “activate” their newsletters and updates. Imagine being able to navigate between different deals or offers, watching a video on each, seeing how many people have purchased so far, or the time left on the offer, then picking the one most relevant to you and purchasing instantly from your email. Or how about receiving dynamic news headlines that stay up-to-date no matter when you get to read them, or stock tickers that are updated before your eyes!
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