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We’re holding email to a higher standard.

Inspired by Laura’s recent post on Word to the Wise - announcing that “Email is Different” – we’ve decided to explore our own version of her central question: Why should email be held to a higher standard than other forms of communication?

More specifically in our case, what makes email stand out from all other forms of messaging, including print, telephonic, and other web media?

We believe all email recipients, whether receiving personal or business related messages, expect more today than ever from their communication technologies. It’s true for many web services, and it should be truest for the most intimate of online activity: everything that goes on inside the inbox.

Couple that with constantly evolving web technologies, deeper and more meaningful online social interactions, richer media formats that can be viewed anywhere at any time, and you find that people – and rightfully so – expect their email experience to be on par with how they engage elsewhere online.

Except, isn’t it amazing that the most central and common way to communicate online isn’t actually evolving at the pace that other web actions do? An email you get today will pretty much resemble one from five years ago, and even 10 years ago.

And that’s where ActiveMail is working to advance the inbox. Increasingly, recipients will gain a richer and more engaging brand experience inside the inbox as each individual email communication takes on more value, becoming fully interactive and always relevant, up-to-the-second. The result is dramatically augmented shopping experiences, media consumption, social engagement, and more. As long as your message keeps proving worthy and relevant, your audience will appreciate the ability to control how they interact with and within your message.

It’s where we’re going – are you ready to empower your email audience?