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Study: Two-thirds of us shop within the comfort of our email

A bouquet of flowers. An order of gourmet cupcakes. A seat on a cross-country flight.

Would you order these things via Facebook, text or email?

The number of online shoppers in the United States is rising from over 170 million (in 2010) to a projected 200 million by 2015. If we’re not already cyber-buyers, a lot more of us will be real soon.

And according to ExactTarget’s recent study, email is beating out Facebook and SMS combined for driving online purchases.

The study found that 66% of online Americans have shopped directly through email or as a result of finding a product or service in an email.

In addition, we’re also getting better at keeping our personal and business emails separate, and a whopping 77% of us actually prefer to be contacted by companies with deals and offers via email over other channels. What’s extra fascinating is that only 45% would rather get their ‘personal communications’ in their inbox over other methods.

So the email love is going strong: 96% of us use our email at least weekly. We’ve become more comfortable shopping through email, better at organizing our inboxes, and more open to being marketed to via email.

Other studies indicate that we’re also pretty nervous about online security, especially when it comes to entering our personal financial data. So, naturally, most of us are sticking with the secure technology we’ve trusted for years: email.

A word from the ActiveMail team: we’re looking forward to proving the study results even further, considering the features we’re developing to make shopping from within email even more interactive. Imagine choosing the color and size of that coveted hoodie, and then ordering it securely, right from inside your inbox!

(via MainStreet.com)