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Socializing email: 5 tips for interactive content

As a brand, you’ve no doubt established your social media presence and broadcast your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. After all, this is the social media strategy that receives the majority of attention in discussions about customer relationship building.

But the conversation is shifting, and its email-bound. Email marketing is the strong partner for your social media strategy, and when combined, social media occurring inside email will lead to the ultimate brand-consumer interaction.

Businesses that use email marketing and social media achieve 28% higher email open rates, according to a VerticalResponse finding earlier this year. In addition, industries that use both tactics and enjoy the highest open rates include music (32%), consumer electronics (31%), financial services (22%), film (21%) and graphic design (21%).

Take these findings one step further, and we find that communication becomes even more engaging when social interaction is actually fully accessible from within emails.

Recently, Tom Edwards at iMedia Connection outlined 5 types of socially-enabled email. Here’s a quick rundown:

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