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5 famous people you never knew you could email

Bored of your friends and family? Looking for some new contacts for your digital address book?

Look no further. If you seek random new email contacts, we have you covered:

5 famous people you never knew you could email

(And what kind of interactive message they’d want to receive)

1. The Pope

Want to wish Pope Benedict XVI a belated happy birthday? No sweat, send him an email. The email address was created in order to send the Pope birthday and anniversary greetings; both events took place last month.

While he’s not the first Pope to use email, he’s certainly got some cooler interactive email options these days. He’d probably love to see interactive maps in his email, so he could drag his mouse and scroll across the world at any time from his inbox. Take that, former popes.

2. Santa

Where there’s a guy riding reindeer to give out presents, there are millions of breathless 21st century kids ready to email him.

Yes, you can email Santa – an entire site is dedicated to delivering the messages.

And what kind of interactive message would Santa want? We bet this never gets old: one of those customized your-face-on-a-dancing-elf videos that he can play directly inside the email.

3. Homer Simpson

The guy has trouble raising a son, but Homer Simpson sure does have an email address! In The Dad That Knew Too Little, Homer’s email address is revealed: chunkylover53@aol.com. The episode writer registered it, received thousands of messages and even responded to many of them, until it became too much.

If Homer were to open his crammed inbox once more, he’d no doubt be delighted to find a message from his favorite gourmet doughnut shop’s Facebook page, which he could Like, Share and comment on right from inside the email.

4. The Queen of England

Not only is Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II open to receiving fan mail, she actually became the first head of state to send an email back in 1976. And if you’re going to get in touch with Her Majesty, you may as well do it this weekend, when she will be celebrating her Diamond Jubilee. Admittedly, you may be better off writing her a note.

With all the fond memories she must have of the last 60 years, Queen Elizabeth would surely appreciate an interactive Picasa album for her to flick through, right inside her inbox.

5. God

Are you really surprised that someone on the internet is claiming to be God?

In fact, there are tons of sites claiming they can get you a direct line to His Lordliness. Just watch out for email addresses that may seem fake. We doubt God is still using an old CompuServe account.

OMG, what doesn’t God have in his inbox? But surely He must get a holy kick out of receiving his bank statements and account forms, which He can fill in and submit right inside the email. After all, God is probably the only one who can truly comprehend what zeros-until-infinity looks like.

Before you get started emailing random celebrities, we must ask: What kind of interactive email would you really want to get?