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Email vs Social Media: Guess where marketing dollars pay off

Ding ding ding! In yet another analysis of email marketing versus social media marketing, email comes out on top in several ways. While social media budgets are bursting at the seams, email marketing is still the proven channel to invest attention and spending.

When it comes to commercial reach, email wins hands-down:

  • 75% of online adults “say that email is their preferred marketing method.”
  • In six years, from 2005 to 2011, time spent on reading commercial messages nearly doubled to 30% of total time using email.
  • For all age groups, email topped texts and social channels for commercial media usage by margins in the 70% range.

In truth, the two forms of marketing can and do co-exist, as they serve different purposes and require alternative forms of attention (see the infographic below). For starters, email campaigns are highly targeted and easily trackable while social media campaigns make your brand recognizable.

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The history of email [INFOGRAPHIC]

Can you believe it? Last year we celebrated the 40th anniversary of email.

It’s pretty amazing how far the medium has come in nearly half a century: creating the electronic messaging system, using the first smiley, coining the word spam…

So much has changed and evolved in how, why and how much we use email to communicate.

And the email timeline can be just as fascinating as the emails we send. Here are some of our favorite email memories from the last four decades:

  • In 1976, British Queen Elizabeth II became the first head of state to send an email in a demonstration of networking technology on an army base.
  • The word email is actually 30 years old, being first used in 1982.
  • Microsoft Outlook is released the same year the company bought Hotmail for an incredible $400 million – in 1997.
  • Nearly 20 years ago, we learned Homer Simpson’s email address: chunklover53@aol.com.
  • In 2004, multimedia emails entered the scene after the MMS World Congress in Vienna.
Learn some more email history with the infographic below or some others. Hey, there’s a good chance you remember many of these major email milestones! Which is your favorite?
Happy 40th!

Email rules the school – now more than ever.

Pop quiz: What’s the biggest social network out there?

It doesn’t start with F, and it doesn’t make a ‘tweet’ sound.

It’s  been around for decades and it’s not going anywhere but up.

It’s email.

And according to a recent study reported on Mashable, email is more popular than social media.  Nearly 20,000 adults from 24 countries responded in a survey that found 85% use the internet for email while 62% use it for social networking.

Actually, when you think about it, isn’t email really the ultimate social network? You have your contacts connected to you, connected to each other, in one-on-one or group communication as appropriate, while categorizing all these people you know – online, offline, long term, briefly, personal, business -  into groups reflecting your purpose of communication.

In that spirit, the infographic below tells a fascinating story of the ‘state of email.’ According to this 2011 research, there are nearly three times the amount of email accounts as there are Facebook accounts. Here are some more incredible stats from the study:

  • Last year, Facebook and Twitter posts combined were equivalent to just .2% of all email traffic.
  • The combined total number of searches in Google, Yahoo! and Bing equaled just over %1 of email traffic.
  • Just under 300 billion emails were sent each day – and that’s not including emails considered spam (which was 106 billion daily).

So that’s a wrap for today’s ‘social studies’ lesson.

Oh – and a last question for extra credit: Where will you invest your branding efforts next?

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