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Wouldn’t it be great if… Groupon ‘activated’ your daily deals?

Welcome to our new series - Wouldn’t It Be Great If? - where we take a close look at an email and turn it into an… ActiveMail.
Let’s start with an email many of us receive often – from Groupon, king of the daily deals.

What we know about Groupon:

  • It’s a great way to entice local audiences to try something new for a discount.
  • It thrives on alerting us about those daily deals by email.
  • The current Groupon email experience is lacking; when you see the message, you can’t know if the highlighted deal is still available, how much time is left, or view deeper details related to the product or service without continuing in the browser. In addition, how often are the displayed deals actually relevant?

And now for the question:

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a live, fully interactive Groupon experience in the moment that you’ve opened the email, spot the deal you love and actually buy it, without leaving your inbox? 

Here’s what we propose: Several simple but key features which, with a bit of standard web code for Groupon, and ActiveMail installed for its recipients, can activate the rejuvenated Groupon email experience.

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