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ActivePath has merged with PowerInbox to bring you an even better interactive email experience!

ActivePath and PowerInbox merge
Email hasn’t changed much over the last couple of decades, except for the fact that more people are using it than ever before, every single day. Now, thanks to breakthrough technology, email is finally evolving into its next incarnation: Interactive Email, and we at ActivePath are excited to develop this technology to bring users the best, most efficient, interesting and engaging email experience possible, all without ever leaving their inbox.

Until now, email as we know it contained nothing more than text and images, but with our free downloadable email add-on, ActiveMail, email is transformed into an interactive experience. Not only does ActiveMail finally make possible the display of a wide variety if rich-media (including video) right inside the email, but it also endows senders of marketing emails with instant brand recognition and authenticity thanks to our Inbox Branding feature, which displays the sender’s icon beside his email in the inbox.

As it turns out, however, we are not alone in our mission to bring interactive email to the world. PowerInbox, a cool company that develops a huge range of email apps designed to let you perform actions inside the email itself – also believes that the next generation of email will be collaborative, real-time, and interactive.

It seemed logical, therefore, for ActivePath and PowerInbox to combine their passion, technological expertise and funding in order to forge forward as the leading force behind the introduction of Interactive Email to inboxes everywhere, and we’re excited to announce our merger today.
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(re)Introducing: the Active inbox.

We’re so excited to be launching…or is it re-launching? Either way, we’re thrilled. It’s been an incredibly enlightening journey, and we’re resurfacing with deeper insight.

It started in 2006, when we began with our vision for the banking industry: providing a way for financial institutions to securely communicate with their customers via email.

As we grew and learned more about our customers’ direct marketing needs, we realized that it wasn’t just the banks that could benefit from our solution. We recognized that most companies with any sort of Web site and marketing team, regardless of their industry, have the same goals – to effectively communicate with their customers. And, most of all, we knew for certain that we had the ideas and the tools to help them do just that.

Our investors saw great potential and our team led the way…and we expanded to accommodate pretty much everyone. We went from ActivePath, a secure email solution for banks, to unveiling ActiveMail, an interactive email platform our clients use to engage their customers. ActiveMail turns regular email into a lively user experience from within the user’s inbox, allowing direct action to take place without clicking to open a browser. Compatible with major browsers and email clients – Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and more – we’re ready to take inboxes worldwide by storm.

Every week, we’re brainstorming new ideas and testing new features…and we’re not ashamed to admit that we’re, well, email geeks.

Email geeks…with a mission.

Our mission is to transform ordinary email into a rich and interactive experience that customers enjoy and that offers email marketers a way to boost the effectiveness and performance of their campaigns. ActiveMail provides marketers unlimited possibilities for innovative campaigns and branding opportunities that drive great user experiences, better conversions and improved customer satisfaction.

We can’t wait for you to try it out and see the results!