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You’ve Got [Video] Email: Where your email marketing strategy is headed in 2012

If you’re an email marketer, then one of the most crucial questions you must constantly be tackling is how can I make my email more engaging this time? As we’ve said before, user experience trends and content expectations are moving forward at record speed, so it’s crucial to keep at least one step ahead.

One of the rising trends in email engagement is including a video in your message – and we don’t mean a thumbnail linking to a YouTube link. In this Column Five infographic created for Wistia, businesses surveyed indicated that video has become the forefront of content strategy in 2012 email campaigns.

Some of the stats include:

  • Over 75% of businesses surveyed planned to continue (or in some cases, start) using video in their email campaigns in 2012.
  • Of the kinds of video content available, most videos sent to customers via email were training courses, with product demos or product promotions right behind.
  • Close to 70% of respondents believe that including a video in their email messaging has had a positive impact on conversion rates.

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Windows 8 Metro environment set to influence email design

Traditional email design hasn’t evolved much since its rise to mass popularity over two decades ago. We’re still used to seeing text, images and hyperlinks, and we’re still used to launching a new browser tab each time we click on a link, ping-ponging back and forth from inbox, to browser, to inbox, to browser, etc.

These days, as more and more content is being delivered on touch screens, old design principles are giving way to new ones that embrace a fluid, flexible and dynamic nature.

Microsoft’s soon-to-be-launched operating system Windows 8, for example, which has been developed with the company’s new Metro design environment for both PCs and tablets, will give users a touchscreen-like experience even when using existing laptops or desktop monitors, thanks to the navigational flow and effect of the new design.

With horizontally scrolling views, desktop app display and more, the Metro design environment
is a major leap forward for Windows, and it’s indicative of the user experiences trends to come.

As users come to expect this kind of rich-feature engagement on any device or platform, so must traditional email layout, design and functionality forge ahead of the trends and adapt to modern user expectations.

Happily, there is now a technology that still allows marketers to adhere to those email best practices that remain relevant today, but with the added freedom to provide truly engaging, live, rich media content designed as beautifully as it would be presented on a regular web page.

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3 more ways ActiveMail is the future of sharing video.

History textbook authors, listen up! Clicking out from emails to watch videos on the web is a thing of the past. Our children will laugh one day when we tell them how an internet browser would open every time we clicked on a link inside an email.

Actually, go ahead and laugh now, kids: The future of email has already started, with ActiveMail.

And it’s not just the futuristic cool factor. Playing videos directly from the inbox offers the instant gratification of being able to open a message and hit play with no waiting for a new browser tab to load. Not to mention, your inbox becomes a film house, where you can go back and watch the video, stored in your email and ready to play whenever you want.

Here are a few other ways the future of email is brought to the present with ActiveMail:

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