Email campaigns shouldn’t be an uphill battle.

Communicating with your customers is key to achieving your goals. Unfortunately, while email is a proven, cost-effective channel to reach your customer base with news, updates, offers and more, its basic format hasn’t really changed in over 15 years. Website user experience, on the other hand, advances at hyper-speed, and users now expect multimedia and dynamic interaction at every click.

Today, you bridge the gap by simply asking (well, requiring) your customers to click out of your email and move over to a web page for up-to-date information, the ability to take action and to get a better overall experience.

It is any surprise, then, that your customers open fewer emails and pay less attention to those that they do open?

Well, ActiveMail is here to reverse that trend — to boost customer engagement and significantly improve your email success rates. How? We bring the web browser experience to their inbox.

It's Just the Beginning
Activate your email campaigns.

ActiveMail offers full web functionality, so you can finally offer your customers a rich and interactive experience from within the messages you send. They’ll be able to watch videos, navigate menus, read live updates, share, comment, make purchases, fill out forms, chat with customer service, interact with rich ad formats and more…inside the email itself. All this, and they never have to enable “Display Images”. Suddenly, you’re delivering relevance. Instant engagement. Efficiency.

Use our Inbox Icons to present your brand’s symbol next to your newsletters and alerts. It sets you apart from inbox clutter and gives users a sense of comfort knowing that the message is actually from your company, and not someone else pretending to be you.


Campaign strategy, evolved.

ActiveMail streamlines your multi-version email procedures. Instead of preparing and sending varying versions of a similar email to different recipients, simply send one version that, based on your rules, will seamlessly deliver relevant, differentiated, targeted content to each user.

Measuring performance of your campaigns has never been easier. With ActiveMail, seamlessly assign your existing web analytics codes to your new email campaigns for comprehensive reporting.

There is absolutely no integration or IT requirement, and you maintain full control over your content, hosting environment and analytics. Simply register with us, get a unique identifier (called an ActivePointer) and get ready to see results!

Oh, and the ActiveMail platform is fully secure and scalable (we came from the world of banking, remember?) More here.

If you are ready to boost the effectiveness and overall performance of your email campaigns — from opens to engagement to conversions — simply fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to set your interactive email campaign in motion.

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