The product

ActivePath’s ActiveMail breathes life into static emails, making them feature-rich and interactive. Once you install ActiveMail on your computer, instantly watch and share videos, slides and albums from a growing list of content sources, and post and comment to Facebook and Twitter – all right from your inbox. You’ll also enjoy interactive emails from your favorite sites in our partner network.

ActiveMail displays small logos next to emails from well-known sites you subscribe to, allowing you to easily detect important messages and better manage inbox clutter and spam.

Traditional emails are limited to displaying formatted text and images (to see those, you often have to explicitly tell your mail client to download/enable pictures) and may also contain links that take you to web pages outside of the actual message for more information or any kind of interaction. In many cases, this is a nuisance and a waste of time. And since emails are static, the information they provide is frequently outdated or irrelevant by the time you read it. In short, it’s not the ideal user experience…

ActiveMail brings modern web technologies into your email – pictures, videos, animations, interactive forms, dynamic menus, live feeds, sharing and commenting capabilities, chatting and more. You’ll find these both in alerts and updates from the popular websites and content types we already support, and also in emails from ActiveMail partners who send their messages using the ActiveMail platform.

ActiveMail is for anyone who receives and reads email! ActiveMail will significantly improve your experience, making it both more fun and more productive.

Please refer to the Marketers page for more information on the benefits of Activemail and on becoming an ActiveMail partner.

ActivePath is the company that created ActiveMail. For more information on ActivePath, please refer to our About Us page.


ActiveMail installation

Go to and click the download button or click here to download right now.

Download ActiveMail from here and follow the short and simple installation process. Within a few clicks, ActiveMail will be installed and ready to use. Make sure to refresh your tab, restart your browser or re-start Outlook to begin experiencing ActiveMail.

The default installation will install ActiveMail on all of your available browsers and Outlook, so when you move between them you will have a similar experience. If you want, you can download the native extension for a specific browser on the top right side of the download page.

This depends on the browsers you have installed on your computer and whether or not you have Outlook. The maximum size of the installation is only about 3MB.

Trust us, we feel the same way. As such, we designed ActiveMail in a way that will not change or affect your regular computer use. ActiveMail works in the background so that, when relevant, we can provide you with an enjoyable email experience. You can easily turn ActiveMail off at any time via the ActiveBar (see “How do I switch back to the original email version?”), or easily remove ActiveMail with “add/remove programs” or from the native extension settings of your browser.

To uninstall ActiveMail on Windows:

NOTE: It is not possible to remove the ActiveMail Chrome extension from the Chrome extention management area at this time. This is a known bug that we hope to fix ASAP, but in the mean time, to uninstall the Chrome extension in Windows, follow these instructions:

1. Go to the “Add/Remove programs” area in the Windows “Control Panel” (or “Programs and Features” if you’re using Windows 7), find “ActiveMail” and click uninstall. This will fully uninstall ActiveMail from Internet Explorer, Outlook, Firefox and Chrome.

2. If you installed ActiveMail as an extension or add-on specifically for Chrome, Firefox or Safari, go to the extensions/add-on pages for the relevant browser and remove ActiveMail. For instructions per browser, see below (same instructions as for Mac).

To uninstall ActiveMail on Mac:

  • To uninstall from Safari:
    Select ‘Preferences’ from the Safari settings menu, select the ‘Extensions’ button on top, find ActiveMail and turn it off.
  • To uninstall from Chrome:
    Go to the Chrome extensions list and remove ActiveMail.
  • To uninstall from Firefox:
    Go to the Firefox Add-ons list and remove ActiveMail.

We would really appreciate if you take a few seconds to let us know why you have decided to uninstall ActiveMail, so we can improve the product. You can either fill the quick survey in the page that opens after uninstall, or email us at:



Security and privacy

Actually, ActiveMail was initially created specifically for banks and other financial institutions, so security and privacy have always been our top priority.

ActiveMail ensures that messages are sent only from certified ActiveMail partner web sites or from trusted sources (like YouTube, Picasa and SlideShare). Moreover, we only allow active content from email senders who display an authentic digital signature (DKIM or S/MIME) or send from a trusted server (SPF). Active content is only available through the same ultra-secure SSL encryption methods that email senders use on their own web sites.

Your privacy is our priority, both on our web site and while using ActiveMail. ActiveMail algorithmically scans your email content, without any human observation, to determine if we can “activate” it to provide a rich and interactive user experience. We never access or store any personally identifiable information without your permission; we only collect non-personally identifiable information to improve our product. We are also certified and constantly monitored by third party authorities like TRUSTe and VeriSign and adhere to their strict guidelines to ensure your safety and privacy.

Please read our Privacy Policies for this website and for ActiveMail to learn more about our ongoing commitment to protecting your privacy.

No. As a regular user, you do not need to register with ActiveMail. Simply install ActiveMail to begin your live and interactive email experience. Some features (like active Facebook or Twitter notifications) may require you to log in to those sites to allow ActiveMail to display active data inside your email. In such cases, you are actually logging into those sites “through” us; ActiveMail simply passes on your credentials without recording or storing them.

No. ActiveMail is installed as an extension to your browser or as an Outlook plugin, and accesses email data after it has been retrieved from your mail server. Therefore, aside from functionality where you need to identify yourself to a site like Facebook or Twitter, you do not need to disclose any of your passwords to us at any time.

When accessing email from a computer where ActiveMail is not installed, your emails will look exactly as they do today, i.e. static. The ‘magic’ happens only when ActiveMail is installed and for those supported emails or content sources. Be sure to download ActiveMail for your new computer here.



Yes. ActiveMail works with browser-based email platforms (we current support the most common browsers in the market for Windows and MAC OS) or from Outlook (via IMAP, SMTP or MAPI). Supported webmail providers include Gmail, Yahoo!Mail, Hotmail and additional localized webmail. We will be adding support for more webmail providers in the near future.

No. ActiveMail provides rich and interactive versions of emails that are sent to you from certified ActiveMail partners. Additionally, ActiveMail enriches other emails that contain supported links to videos, photo slides, albums, etc., and selected email alerts from Facebook and Twitter to the make the experience more interactive and fun. In your inbox, you may also notice logos of some well-known sites you subscribe to, allowing you to easily detect important emails and help you better manage inbox clutter and spam.

That person will see the email in its original static (i.e. non-activated) form. You can recommend that he or she installs ActiveMail so you can share the same experiences with the people close to you.

Not yet. We are working on a mobile version of ActiveMail, but currently it is only supported on Windows or Mac computers. You will see emails as you usually do on mobile platforms.

Inbox icons are currently supported for a select list of very popular websites and brands that are verified to be genuine; we will expand this list regularly. These icons allow you to easily detect important messages and better manage inbox clutter and spam. Websites displaying an icon do not necessarily work directly with us today, or offer rich and interactive emails. If you do not see icons next to emails you regularly receive, it does not necessarily mean that they are unsafe, only that we have not yet added support to them.

You should pay close attention to emails that normally feature icons but suddenly don’t, as they may be attempts to steal personal information from you. As a general rule, you should always be extra careful with emails from unfamiliar or uncommon senders.

This bar is called the “ActiveBar” and we place it at the top of every email that contains active content. If you see the ActiveBar in a specific email then you know to look for something exciting in that email. Websites who partner with us to send you active emails will always have their logo displayed on the left side of the ActiveBar.

On the right side of the ActiveBar in every active email, you have an ON/OFF button that allows you to easily switch between the active and original/static view of that specific message.

As a user, whether you have ActiveMail installed or not, when you send emails with links we support (e.g. YouTube, Picasa, etc.), users who have ActiveMail installed will be able to automatically view and interact with this content directly inside their emails.

As a website owner, once you register with ActivePath and become a Certified Partner, you can send custom-made emails with interactive and engaging content. For more information, please click here.

Today, ActiveMail supports the following email platforms:

  • Windows – Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail running on Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox or Safari
  • Mac – Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail running on Chrome, FireFox or Safari

Here is the complete list of supported platforms:

Browser /OS Windows
(XP, Vista, 7)
Mac OS
(10.5 Leopard and higher)
Chrome 16 and higher 16 and higher
Firefox 8 and higher 8 and higher
Internet Explorer 8 and higher
Safari 5.1 and higher 5.1 and higher


Mail client Windows

(XP, Vista, 7)

Mac OS

(10.5 Leopard and higher)

Gmail Yes Yes
Yahoo!Mail Yes Yes
Hotmail Yes Yes
Outlook 2007, 2010 No
Outlook 64-bit 2010 No




This could be for a number of reasons. First, make sure to restart your browser and/or Outlook after the installation; there is no need to restart your computer. Secondly, ActiveMail works for a growing list of trusted content sources, certified web sites and inbox icons, but not for all of them. If you open emails that do not contain active content, you will not see any difference. But relax — active emails will begin coming your way before you know it! Let us know if you’d like to receive sample emails so you can try out the new experience. Please email or enter your request via our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Active emails from Facebook and Twitter are currently only available in English. You can view data (friend names, posts, tweets, etc.) in all other languages, but in order for ActiveMail to work today, the emails that you have requested to receive from Facebook or Twitter must be sent in English.

ActiveMail needs an internet connection in order to work, as it grabs fresh data like videos and other content from the Internet in real time. When you are not connected to the Internet, ActiveMail shows the original (static) content of your emails as if it was not installed. You can access the message again when your connection is restored and view the active email.


Contact and support

Please email or enter your request via our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We’ll do our best to answer every inquiry within one business day.

Please email or enter your request via our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We try to answer every inquiry within one business day.

Please email or submit your idea via our contact form. We take your suggestions and feedback seriously and would love to hear from you!