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Wouldn’t it be great if… you could see real sports action inside your email?

This is the second entry in our new series - Wouldn’t It Be Great If? - where we spotlight a popular email and turn it into an… activemail. This week’s featured email is from NBC Sports.

What makes live sports so amazing to be a part of? The fact that if you’re watching it live, you’re just as a part of it as the players, the managers, and the rest of the viewers. No one knows what will happen next – we’re all connected in the sweet suspense.

Alas, we can’t always be watching live. And when we’re not able, we need to know the latest news as soon as we can get to it. So why not offer the latest sports news in an interactive and captivating way, inside the email itself?

With such an interactive audience, so inherently vocal and excitable, it follows that our favorite sports broadcasters would keep sports fans engaged with dynamic news and commentary, contained inside an email with actionable features.

But all too often, the current experience is flat: Take NBC Sports as an example. The major news network sends links to articles, video and blog posts, along with links for sharing the newsletter itself. Not much to inspire a true fan to action, aside from his/her own sports enthusiasm.

So let’s take a moment and imagine…

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get as close to the real online sporting experience as possible, as soon as you open an NBC Sports newsletter? 

Imagine an email experience with these features added to a sports news mailing:

1. Embedded video selection: The game is meant to be seen and heard – not clicked on in order to wait for a page to load elsewhere. The newsletter can offer readers a direct viewing experience, with a selection of top and, more importantly, the latest videos in carousel mode. You could even navigate between sports categories within the email, in order to view any of your favorites that haven’t been highlighted up front.

2. Expanded articles and comments: Get the full details and join the conversation on the spot, inside the inbox. What true sports fan isn’t tempted to jump in with a few cheers or boos as soon as the story’s out?

3. Live ticker: Nothing is more urgent in sports than staying on top of the very latest game details. Get the most recent, updated top headlines and live scores, no matter what time you open the email.

4. Direct share: Share, like, tweet and comment on videos and other newsletter items directly within the email. No new browser tabs, no page loads. Just spreading the win as fast as it comes.

ActiveMail can make email campaigns a win for your favorite sports broadcasters. So let’s hear it, sports fans: How else do you want to be able to watch, consume and react inside an NBC Sports email?