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ActivePath has merged with PowerInbox to bring you an even better interactive email experience!

ActivePath and PowerInbox merge
Email hasn’t changed much over the last couple of decades, except for the fact that more people are using it than ever before, every single day. Now, thanks to breakthrough technology, email is finally evolving into its next incarnation: Interactive Email, and we at ActivePath are excited to develop this technology to bring users the best, most efficient, interesting and engaging email experience possible, all without ever leaving their inbox.

Until now, email as we know it contained nothing more than text and images, but with our free downloadable email add-on, ActiveMail, email is transformed into an interactive experience. Not only does ActiveMail finally make possible the display of a wide variety if rich-media (including video) right inside the email, but it also endows senders of marketing emails with instant brand recognition and authenticity thanks to our Inbox Branding feature, which displays the sender’s icon beside his email in the inbox.

As it turns out, however, we are not alone in our mission to bring interactive email to the world. PowerInbox, a cool company that develops a huge range of email apps designed to let you perform actions inside the email itself – also believes that the next generation of email will be collaborative, real-time, and interactive.

It seemed logical, therefore, for ActivePath and PowerInbox to combine their passion, technological expertise and funding in order to forge forward as the leading force behind the introduction of Interactive Email to inboxes everywhere, and we’re excited to announce our merger today.

“Both teams shared a common vision for increasing engagement through interactive email so putting them together was a natural conclusion. There was a great chemistry and mutual desire to shake up the status quo of today’s static, low converting email,” according to Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of the new combined company, to be known as PowerInbox.

Although the merger is still fresh, the two teams at ActivePath and PowerInbox are already hard at work to develop an even better add-on that will include not only the best features of each of the individual add-ons, but  even more cool functionality for our users to enjoy.

For now, existing ActiveMail and PowerInbox users can simply continue to enjoy their existing add-ons, however the ActiveMail add-on will eventually be phased out and seamlessly replaced by an enhanced version of the PowerInbox add-on, expected for release early next year.  Existing users will not have to perform any new download to get the updated version.

“Our customers and end users are our highest priority and we are committed to ensuring the smoothest integration, with minimal disruption for our stakeholders” said Matt Thazhmon, co-founder of PowerInbox.

So whether you’re already using either ActiveMail or PowerInbox, or not, if you’re interested in the future of email and in joining the growing community of interactive email pioneers around the world, then please feel free to subscribe to our blog so we can stay in touch and let you know when our ground-breaking new add-on will be available for download.