Explore the features that’ll
revolutionize your communications

A completely do-it-yourself designer

Intuitive design studio

Our drag-and-drop design platform lets you easily create HTML5 statements, emails, PDFs & SMS messages

Design once and adapt to all channels

Simultaneously design for desktop, mobile and tablet, plus preview each responsive layout as you go.

Complete customization options

Edit images, fonts, colors and backgrounds so your brand’s unique visual identity shines through.
Effortless connection to your customer’s data

Visual data connectivity

After importing and mapping the data, organize it in the same drag-and-drop manner as the rest of our DIY design tool.

Super-simple API support & integration

We’re compatible with all top back-office application providers (Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.)
A rule-based, highly-secure delivery engine

Automated campaign delivery

Send large batches without emails getting blocked as spam, and schedule the best times for optimal open-rates.

Reduce spam risk

Ensure your server’s IPs have been “warmed” up by slowly ramping up the quantity of email sent, use DomainKeys signatures to reduce spam categorization, plus make sure your SPF records are in place.

Flexible delivery options

Create individualized rules with our smart retry mechanism and set alternate delivery channels – like SMS – for undeliverable emails.
Comply with the industry’s highest security standards

Fully-secure Communication

Enjoy air-tight communication via SSL secure channel and authenticating your user before opening via the most advanced encryption protocols.

Digital Signature

Seal your communications with a digital signature – digital S/MIME and/or DomainKeys – to lower your spam qualification score and ensure content integrity.

Authentication Methods

Complete secure & encrypted channel between our servers and your customers, opened via multi-factor authentication, SecureID and OTP mechanisms.
A comprehensive dashboard to measure your success

Track clicks, open rates & more

See where customers clicked and on which devices, plus view open and delivery rates and reasons for failed deliveries.

Review, organize & optimize

Analyze past campaigns, side-by-side, in order to improve your KPIs and optimize future performance.

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