Statements & Bills made easy

Fully responsive and interactive, right within your customers’ inbox

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Reinvent how customers view statements and bills, plus a whole lot more

Designer Templates

Drag-and-drop templates give you the power to create fully interactive & responsive statements on your own.

Easy Breezy Deployment

Get up and running within minutes, without any internal resources needed, whatsoever.

Super-Dependable Delivery

Enterprise-class, fully secure statement delivery, with virtually no daily sending limit.

All-Seeing-Eye Dashboard

Real-time stats and analytics let you measure performance and optimize statement delivery.
Provide your customers with a unique, seamless user experience.

Unleash The Full Potential of Your Statements & Bills

Transform your existing communications into an additional sales & marketing opportunity while offering an exciting user experience.

Save Your Customers Time

Provide direct access to relevant information without requiring them to log into a website or contact a call center.

Maintain High Security Standards

Provide seamless access to sensitive account information without compromising security. We’re fully compliant with banking-level security & legal requirements.

Create Mobile and Web Optimized Touchpoints

Transform your statements and bills into interactive and responsive HTML5 documents accessible on Web, Mobile and Tablet, on the spot.
Strong ROI, tap into new ways to cut costs & increase revenues!

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce the volume of costly call center inquiries with inbox-driven self-service solutions, as well as printing and mailing costs.

Boost ROI in Surprising Ways

Interactive statements create a new marketing channel with high open rates to promote customized and targeted up/cross-sell messages.

Share Green Values

Demonstrate you care by eliminating waste and going paperless – plus save money at the same time.
How it works

1. Easily create an interactive statement or bill

Customize our interactive templates to meet your needs. It’s actually kinda fun!

2. Connect to your data source

After easily importing your data, it becomes drag and drop-able to fit into any unique layout of your choice – no IT help required.

3. Deliver an awesome customer experience

Automatically send millions of engaging, interactive statements while avoiding spam filters.

4. Measure and optimize your success

Measure performance and optimize statement delivery with real-time stats and analytics.
Benefits to your organization and customers

Benefits to your organization

  • Lower operational costs of statements and calls to call center
  • Easy-to-design statements in multiple versions
  • Leverage a new marketing channel which enjoys high open rates and pinpoint targeting
  • Driver for new revenue opportunities
  • Secure delivery, satisfying all regulations

Benefits to your customers

  • Easy access & full responsiveness (desktop, mobile and tablets)
  • Statement interaction without visiting a website or need to log in
  • Exciting & time saving user experience
  • Ability to initiate activities in-context
  • Doing business with an eco-minded company

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